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Mother’s Day 2022 | Celebrating the mothers in our lives

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Motherhood is a journey one can prepare for yet still be so unprepared. It’s an adventure filled with surprises, tearful joys and endless hard work. 

Like a life-giving fruiting tree, mothers grow from seeds before blossoming into beautiful flowers, only to have falling petals give way to fruit. These women in our lives endure challenges relentlessly as their bodies go through physical changes and bear life. 

This Mothers’ Day, how are you honouring mothers around you? Let us remember the beauty of motherhood together.

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You carry the weight of our world, gracefully

If there’s a visual of a mother that we’ll like to celebrate today, it is a woman with a bulging pouch, heaving beneath the weight of this unborn child. She’s gentle, yet bears a hidden strength. All this while, she surrenders her physical form to the life she carries.

Tiger stripes, they’re called. When your once flawless skin gives way to the impending birth, they stretch and form permanent lines across you. No matter the appearance, you sacrifice and offer your all as your love for us grows day by day.


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You bear the pains of motherhood, lovingly

The baby is born and the mother nurses her baby lovingly. She falls in love with this little one every single day, while her body recovers slowly, but surely. Her skin has changed, loosened and dimples may be showing now.

Your body has changed forever and now bears the marks of motherhood. Yet, you soldier on and care for us with all the love you has.

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You age and worry for us, because of us

The years go by and the little one isn’t so little anymore. The child is eager to explore the world independently as the mother watches with bated breath. As the child grows, so does the mother. Once again, her body changes, more so on her face than anywhere else, as she holds back her worries.

Your laugh lines are prominent now, a testament to the fond moments you had the fortune to experience. Mothers never stop worrying. Even when you laugh, the worries simply take the back seat, but they’re always there. The wrinkles seem to have a permanent seat. How many of your worries are about your kids?

But even as the physical changes take place, we see how you have blossomed even more so like a flower.

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You nourish and nurse, as we grow

As we grow bigger and older, you continue whipping up wholesome meals that soothe our souls and nourish our minds. As you toil over pots and woks, you work up a sweat.

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You are strong, when we are weak

There are good days and there are bad days. When your kids face trying times, you are there to offer much-needed comfort, thinking space and unappreciated advice. You are there to wipe our tears, and hold us while you try your best to hold back your yearning to protect your loved ones from every element.

So to the beautiful mothers: This Mother’s Day, we want to remind you of something today.

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You are beautiful, in every possible way

You are always accommodating as we explore the boundaries of the world. Through our curious eyes, you take a breather when the world is calm for just three minutes, only to have you thrown back into the organised chaos of caring for us. And that strength is true beauty.

We want you to remember that you deserve to take the time for some self-love and self-indulgence. Be it your daily skincare routine or a facial session, treat yourself with peace and beauty exactly the way you want it – not just today but every day.

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