The best tonic for your face is within reach here at Erabelle with the Kusala 24H Protection Tonic.

The Kusala 24H Protection Tonic has silver ions that break down the biological make-up of germs in as little as five seconds and offer more than 24 hours of protection, so you don’t have to worry about dirt accumulation (or reapplication) while you do your tasks every day!

It’s deodorising and antibacterial skincare effect helps minimise the appearance of pores, an important step in getting rid of bacteria or oil buildup. Kusala works for all skin types and doesn’t leave your face dry. Truly a skincare holy grail to add in your routine for a smoother, softer face! Find out more about Kusala 24H Protection skin tonic with our compete list of Q&A here.

Erabelle also helps target a number of skin issues. Indulge in our award-winning skin treatments designed to lend your skin a healthier and more nourished glow. Not only that, the Erabelle shop also carries a diverse range of facial boosters that pamper and revitalise the face.

Visit our outlets to see what we offer or message and contact us today with your enquiries!

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