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Holiday in Singapore – Ideas to rest and relax in Singapore

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In the past two years, we had a “new normal” to the way we live our lives. As we figure our way around living in an endemic society, mental wellness has become a key narrative for many of us. Since travelling might not be an option for everyone, we’ve put together a list of what you can do to take a “holiday” in Singapore – yes, even as a local! It’s time to enjoy our city for the beauty that it holds.

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Take your time for a meal

We often think of mealtimes as functional sessions for us to fill our tummies or a social one, in which we take the time to catch up with loved ones. What if your mealtime allows you to do all as well as for you to take a mental wellness break?

Omakase is a unique Japanese dining experience that will elevate your mealtimes. Omakase stands for ‘I leave it up to you’, where the chef decides the flow of the meal for the session. Typically spanning 2 hours minimally, it is a fantastic way to enjoy a holistic experience of carefully designed restaurant space to bring out a warm and inviting atmosphere coupled with detailed serviced and quality ingredients that the chef showcases through his designed menu.

Some places you can visit in Singapore for an authentic Omakase experience include:

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Enjoy beautiful sights and greenery on a walk


There is a reason why walking trails are increasingly popular in Singapore. Walking trails are a wonderful embodiment of a philosophy of life – walk to the distance and get rewarded with beautiful scenery at the end of the journey. Even if it takes some effort or is difficult to get to, the reward makes it all worth it. A bonus on walking trails is that you even get to score an IG-worthy shot for the gram.

Walking amongst greenery is also able to activate biophilia which has been proven to encourage greater mental wellbeing. Not to mention, switching off from the internet while you focus on being present will give you a much-needed time out.

Some popular spots for walking trails:

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Pick up a hobby such as Ikebana


Ikebana is a centuries-old Japanese art of arranging flowers, translated to “make the flowers come alive”. The arrangements of flower through the art of Ikebana is designed to evoke certain moods or feelings just like a painting will. Doing Ikebana allows one to practise peace and become a keen observer of the beauty of nature, enriching our senses.

In our Erabelle stores, you might notice some Ikebana arrangements peppered around the spaces to encourage one to take time to appreciate the beauty as you sit back to revel in our carefully put-together spaces.

Places to go for Ikebana classes:

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Indulge yourself with a therapeutic facial

Did you know that facials are also a form of therapy for mental wellness? The time taken to focus on caring for your skin and committing to a routine to do so is one of the most basic forms of self-love.  

At Erabelle, our facials are designed to be an experience coupled with efficacy. It’s little wonder why many of our long-time customers actually take time off from work just to come down to our stores to enjoy a pampering facial!

Upon entering the store, you will be treated to a comforting foot bath. The hot footbath is infused with pure magnesium chloride flakes from the Zechstain seabed of Netherlands, and a few drops of soothing pure lemon essential oils. This step is designed to soothe the tensions of our guests from the stress of daily lives. 

Our facials are a sensorial treat as you enjoy the detailed skin rejuvenating process while being treated to a scalp and shoulder massage. So lie back on our soft facial beds while gentle music plays in the background during your facial at Erabelle. Here’s a secret: Many of our guests are soothe to comfort such that they fall asleep!

Head over to our facial page to read more about our facial services.


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