Eyeliner Embroidery
in Singapore

Eyeliner Embroidery
in Singapore

Experience the Finest Semi-Permanent
Makeup with Erabelle

Our eyeliner embroidery services feature our signature Erabelle Cosmetic Artistry technique. 

In this eyeliner embroidery service, our artists design precise, smudge-proof eyeliner 

that naturally enhances the shape, size and colour of your eyes.

Convenient Locations

Enjoy our professional eyeliner embroidery procedure at our 3 relaxing locations around Singapore: Orchard VisionCrest, VivoCity and Eastpoint Mall.

Safe & Reliable

We use the latest in German technology and only safety-assured mineral and organic pigments in our eyeliner colour ink.

Five Senses Holistic Experience

Unwind in our beautiful space as our kimono-clad staff provide you with a pampering session that indulges all five senses.

Comfortable Process

Our classic eyeliner embroidery services feature a specialised soft-shading technique for maximum comfort - some of our customers even sleep through the process!

Get naturally defined eyes with Eraliner's
award-winning semi-permanent makeup eyeliner!

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Natural Results

Our eyeliner embroidery treatment features natural and subtle semi-permanent makeup that is smudge-free for a fresh face look, anytime anywhere.

Tailored Designing

All eyeliner embroidery artists undergo rigorous training to understand the dynamics of enhancing your facial features with personalised eyeliner embroidery.

Minimal Discomfort

Coupled with our gentle-on-skin soft-shading technique, we use a good quality topical anaesthetic on the treatment area to make the procedure more comfortable.

Safe and Hygenic

For your safety and comfort, we use a sophisticated German micropen with an anti-back-flow mechanism and certified-safe pigment colour while adhering to strict hygiene procedures.

Eraliner Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatment

Simplify your eyeliner makeup routine with Erabelle’s natural eyeliner embroidery.


Eraliner Design

Each semi-permanent eyeliner embroidery appointment starts with tailoring an eyeliner look that suits your facial features.


Subtle and stylish is the key. The thickness and eyeliner colour are designed according to your eye shape, size and colour.



The proposed eyeliner is drawn on your upper lash line so you can get a look and feel before we begin.


To conclude the preparation stage, your artist will take pictures of your eyeliner before and after the semi-permanent treatment. This will help you see the difference after your eyes are defined with Eraliner.

Patch Test

A patch test for any allergy to the micro-pigments used will be conducted. Erabelle only uses safety-assured minerals and organic micro-pigments that are certified:

  • dermatologically safe
  • allergy-friendly
  • free from toxins
  • microbiologically safe

Preparation of Equipment

Before the procedure begins, a topical anaesthetic is applied to ensure a smooth and comfortable process. While the numbing takes effect, your artist will prepare the tools needed for eyeliner embroidery.


New micropen tips and colour cups are used for every customer to ensure that strict hygiene standards are observed.



Micro-pigments are embedded into the topmost layer of the skin via our soft-shading technique with a German-made micropen to ensure precise and consistent results.


The end look should be polished and sophisticated, with a fuller lash line effect.



Enjoy your completed eyeliner embroidery look!

Are you ready to transform your eyes with our ERALINER eyeliner embroidery service?

Contact us or visit one of our branches today!

Eraliner Eyeliner Embroidery Packages

eraliner design

Eraliner Design

Perfectly Designed Eye Definition

Eraliner Design $29 | 20min per session

Our artist personalises the thickness, colour and shape of eyeliner to your own eyes.



*not applicable for any promotions


Eraliner Package

Specially for those new to eyeliner embroidery

Single Liner
3 sessions for $856 | 75-90min per session
Full Liner
3 sessions for $1391 | 75-90min per session

Surcharge of $214 for service by Erabelle Master Artists.


Eraliner Change Package

A makeover for unsatisfactory semi-permanent eyeliner embroidery

Single Liner
3 sessions for $1284 | 75-90min per session
Full Liner
3 sessions for $2033 | 75-90min per session

Surcharge of $214 for service by Erabelle Master Artists.

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Rejuvenate your skin to a new balanced and invigorated state with this experience.

Enjoy a complimentary session of our new Skin Awakening Facial when you purchase an Eraliner Package.



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Eyeliner embroidery is a semi-permanent version of eyeliner along your lash line.

It is perfect for customers like you who need to shorten your beauty routine!

We can cater to touch-ups with our expert skills and technique to accentuate your gorgeous eyes.

In addition, the Erabelle’s eyeliner embroidery services last up to 2 years with regular touch-ups. This is subjected to how eyes and skin pigments adapt to the pigment colour.

Trust us, beauty is not all that complicated when you have eyeliner embroidery services at Erabelle!

Here at Erabelle, we offer professional and safe services for all clients wanting to look as the best versions of themselves.

Helping you achieve your true beauty is what we are best at.

Read on to find out more about our eyeliner embroidery services.

1.Eraliner Design ($29)

Catered for clients who wish to accentuate their eyes, Eraliner Design is a pre-cursor to eyeliner embroidery service. We will design and draw on eyeliner to fit your eye shape.

The session will last for 20 minutes.

2. Eraliner

  • Single Liner ($856 for 3 sessions)*
  • Full Liner ($1,391 for 3 sessions)*

The sessions will include semi permanent makeup treatment that follows the Eraliner Design.

*Prices will include after care (treatment products).

The sessions will last for 75-90 minutes.

At Erabelle, we understand how important it is to be gentle with your eyes and your lash line.

So don’t worry, our eyeliner beauty services will always include topical anaesthetic!

Topical anaesthetic is applied for all customers which will take 15-20 minutes to settle before the eyeliner embroidery service.

Don’t be shy to ask your beautician for additional anaesthesia if you feel discomfort or slight pain!

The colour settling process typically takes between 7 and 10 days. It depends on your skin, how sensitive your eyes and lash lines are!

The initial eyeliner colour is expected to be 30% darker than its end result after 2 weeks.

Whether it is natural eyeliner embroidery or fuller eyeliner embroidery, the eyeliner colour will have a gradual fade along the days.

Once the healing process is over, you can enjoy your fuss free eyeliner makeup routine in no-time!

Prior to your eyeliner embroidery appointment, we would advise you to have your eyelash extensions professionally removed.

This is due to sanitary reasons as the areas around your eyes are sensitive.

In addition, this is to minimise obstruction during the eyeliner embroidery procedure.

We advise customers to wait until your eyeliner embroidery procedure and colour settling have been completed, before you apply eye makeup or eyelash extensions.


You do not need to dwell with regret and insecurities – we have helped some customers refine existing eyeliner to better suit their features.

In order to change your existing eyeliner embroidery, we will help you refine the shape of your eyeliner and refine the colour pigments.

Erabelle’s beauty services and consultants would recommend you to choose the Eraliner Change procedure.

The Eraliner Change procedure will consist of the following:

  • Eraliner Design
  • Colour correction
  • Semi permanent makeup services for eyes
  • Aftercare cream (treatment product)

People are often concerned about the pain involved – once again, we will use topical anaesthetic!

All you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for your beautiful results.

Please contact us to learn more.


Singapore Women's Weekly - Spa Awards


DAILY VANITY - Spa & Hair Awards 2020


Best Eye-Definer

Best Eye-Definer

Style: Best Beauty Treats


Best Semi-permanent eyeliner

Best Semi-permanent eyeliner

Singapore Women's Weekly - Spa Awards


Most Innovative Eye Treatment 1

Most Innovative Eye Treatment

Harper's BAZAAR - Spa Awards


Defined eyes with a brighter, natural look.

Feel confident with a bare face and look selfie-ready 24/7 with a semi-permanent makeup smudge-proof eyeliner embroidery.

Different from an eyeliner tattoo, our Eraliner service employs a shading technique that uses repetitive dots to create a natural and defined semi-permanent eyeliner. Every pair of eyes are unique to its own. Our professional cosmetic artists customise and work on each eyeliner embroidery to suit and enhance the shape, size and colour of your eyes.

Contact us or visit us at your desired outlet to enquire more about our eyeliner embroidery. Also, check out our other semi-permanent makeup services: Erabrow Eyebrow Embroidery, Eralip Lip Embroidery.

Request an appointment for your Eraliner package today!


Orchard VisionCrest

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1 HarbourFront Walk #02-01/02 VivoCity, S098585

Eastpoint Mall

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