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Are you tired of filling your sparse eyebrows during your morning makeup routine?

Perhaps your eyebrows don’t fit your current face shape, and you’re tired of going to regular threading appointments.

Say goodbye to all your eyebrow woes with Erabelle’s eyebrow embroidery services in Singapore!

Wake up with the perfect brow look every day and never worry about your brows again. Whether you have a date night or are working out, your brows will always stay in place – no need to worry about smudged eyebrow makeup.

Convenient Locations

Enjoy our professional eyebrow embroidery procedure at our 3 relaxing locations around Singapore: Orchard VisionCrest, VivoCity and Eastpoint Mall.

Safe & Reliable

We use the latest in German technology and only safety-assured mineral and organic pigments in our eyebrow colour ink.

Five Senses Holistic Experience

Unwind in our beautiful space as our kimono-clad staff provide you with a pampering session that indulges all five senses.

Comfortable Process

Our classic eyebrow embroidery services feature a specialised soft-shading technique for maximum comfort - some of our customers even sleep through the process!

Brow Embroidery Singapore

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Eyebrow Embroidery Preparation


Brows Prep Mask

The journey of every customer with Erabelle starts with a preparatory mask for the eyebrows. This is to get rid of dead skin and excess sebum on your skin.


Erabrow Design

Next, your Erabelle brow artist will tailor a bespoke design to suit your unique features, while ensuring that your brows still look natural. Here’s what this entails:

  • face shape and eyebrow analysis
  • eyebrow embroidery design
  • trim and tweeze brow hairs

Your brow artist will complete the design session by filling in your eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil that suits your skin tone and hair colour.

This is crucial to ensure that the customer is happy with the proposed look before moving on to the eyebrow embroidery. Here’s where the customer can give feedback or suggest amendments.



To conclude the preparation stage, your brow artist will take pictures of your eyebrows before and after the eyebrow embroidery. You will be shocked at how much your face can change after our eyebrow embroidery procedure!

Eyebrow Embroidery

Patch Test

Erabelle only uses safety-assured minerals and organic micro-pigments that are certified:

  • dermatologically safe
  • allergy-friendly
  • free from toxins
  • microbiologically safe

A patch test for any allergy to the micro-pigments used will be conducted.


Preparation of Equipment

Erabelle wants you to have a stress-free eyebrow embroidery experience.

Before the procedure begins, topical anaesthetic is applied to ensure a smooth and comfortable process. While the numbing takes effect, your brow artist will prepare the tools needed for the eyebrow embroidery.

Erabelle believes in the utmost strictest hygiene standards. Thus, new needle tips and colour cups are used for each new client to prevent cross-contamination.


Brow Embroidery

Here’s where the magic finally begins!

Micro-pigments are embedded in the topmost layer of the skin via Erabelle’s revolutionary Soft Shading eyebrow embroidery technique.

The Erabelle Soft Shading process involves the use of a handheld German-made micropen to create a polished and sophisticated look that lasts for up to two years.



Enjoy your completed eyebrow embroidery look!

Are you ready to transform your brows with our ERABROW eyebrow embroidery service?

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ERABROW Eyebrow Embroidery Packages


Erabrow Design

For those who want perfectly designed brows quick & fuss-free


  • Sparse/Regular Brows: $50
  • Men’s Trim/Dense Brows: $80

Duration: 20min per session



Especially for those new to eyebrow embroidery


  • $1314 for 4 sessions

Duration: 90min per session

Surcharge of $214 for service by Erabelle Master Artists.


Erabrowlogy Change

Makeover your unsatisfactory semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery

Want to fix your botched eyebrow embroidery without undergoing laser removal?

Never fear, Erabelle is here! We have two eyebrow embroidery packages created just to help those who have fallen victim to bad eyebrow embroidery.


Erabrowlogy Redesign & Intensive Change


  • $1690.60 for 5 sessions

Duration: 90min per session


Erabrowlogy Restyling


  • $2396.80 for 7 sessions

Duration: 90min per session

Surcharge of $214 for service by Erabelle Master Artists.

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Deep Pore Cleansing


Blackheads & Whiteheads Removal


Accelerates Stratum Corneum Metabolism


Acnes & Bacillus Bacterium Removal


Anti-ageing, Skin Whitening & Improves Dull Skin


Provides Skin Nutrients & Shrinks Pores

ERABROW Eyebrow Embroidery Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)​

Eyebrow embroidery is a generic term encompassing treatments that add coloured pigment to fill in eyebrows. In Singapore, there are several techniques that fall under the category of eyebrow embroidery.

Here at Erabelle, we use a German-made handheld micro pen and the Soft Shading technique to embed pigment into the epidermis and top dermis layer of the skin.

This creates the look of natural-looking, 3D filled-in eyebrows, without the need for makeup products!

For more information on microblading technique types and our signature Soft Shading eyebrow embroidery, read our blog post here.

Absolutely! Regardless if you want quick eyebrows touch-ups or the full Erabrowlogy package, Erabelle welcomes all customers.

Typical microblading uses hair-like strokes when depositing colour pigments into the skin, using a pen-like, mini blade.

On the other hand, Erabelle’s Soft Shading technique involves microdots of pigment to create a precise, three-dimensional, gradient brow.

Book a consultation with us today to ensure your eyebrows are on fleek!

Generally, with an entire course of 2-4 colour services, the colour will last you 2-3 years from the day you commence the 1st colour service.

Thereafter, a refresher touch-up session can be purchased to restore the intensity of the colour.

As an eyebrow embroidery technique, Soft Shading is gentler compared to traditional microblading in Singapore

Soft Shading uses repetitive dots of pigment to fill in the brows, rather than the hair-like stroke cuts incurred by microblading. It can be thought of as misty eyebrow embroidery.

Meanwhile, microblading is used in both 3D and 6D microblading eyebrow embroidery.

Achieve Beauty in an Instant with Bespoke Eyebrow Embroidery.​

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Our friendly Erabelle team are happy to answer any of your enquiries about eyebrow embroidery prices and more.


Also, check out our other semi-permanent makeup services: Eraliner Eyeliner Embroidery, Eralip Lip Embroidery.


Put your best face forward with Erabrow, Erabelle’s signature eyebrow embroidery service!


We help you achieve flawless yet natural-looking brows with eyebrow designs tailored to complement the shape of your face.


Our eyebrow embroidery specialists have created a revolutionary way for brow embroidery. 


Instead of the hair-like strokes associated with brow embroidery, Erabelle uses pinpoint dots of pigment to fill in the brows. Great if your skin type is sensitive or oily!


Our Erabelle eyebrow embroidery artists have perfected this Soft Shading technique to create a precise, three-dimensional, ombre effect: Think natural-looking shapely brows with a subtle inner colouration and a defined tail.


This specialised Soft Shading technique works because we layer micro-pigments into the skin to create a natural-looking gradient brow.

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