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Get Rid of Dark Lips and Enhance Your Natural
Beauty with Erabelle's Lip Embroidery in Singapore!

Ever wondered why it is so hard to have juicy and plump lips?

Are you sick of dry, chapped lips after reapplying lipstick all day?

Aren’t you tired of unbalanced lip colour?

But what if you could get that coveted, even and lasting natural ‘lip blush’ colour without makeup?

Whether you have pale lips, uneven lips, or are just sick of trying to find that perfect shade of lipstick, the Eralip lip embroidery procedure is your solution!

Experience defined lips with a natural, smooth blended look in a signature colour handpicked to suit you.

Invest in our semi-permanent makeup procedures to see change!

Perfect lips can be yours with Eralip, the best personalised lip embroidery service in Singapore.

The One-Stop Semi-Permanent Makeup Salon that Caters to Your Needs

Convenient Locations

Enjoy our professional lip embroidery services at our 4 relaxing locations around Singapore: Orchard VisionCrest, Isetan @ NEX, Eastpoint Mall, Marina One - The Heart (East Tower).

Safe & Reliable

We use the latest in German technology and only safety-assured mineral and synthetic organic micro pigments in our lip embroidery colour ink.

Five Senses Holistic Experience

Unwind in our beautiful space as our kimono-clad staff provide you with a pampering session that indulges all five senses.

Comfortable Process

Our classic lip embroidery services feature a specialised soft-shading technique for maximum comfort - some of our customers even sleep through the process!

Lip Embroidery Singapore

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and semi permanent makeup services in Singapore.

The Eralip Process

Lip Embroidery Preparation


Luxe Lip Treatment (optional)*

A nourishing lip therapy that removes dead skin and softens the lips instantly, enhancing colour penetration and micro pigment retention.


For extremely cracked lips, multiple treatments may be required prior to the colouring process.

*Separate treatment charges apply.


Eralip Design

According to your lip undertone, natural skin tone, age and preference, our experienced semi-permanent makeup artists will custom blend colour pigments to provide you with the most suitable shade.

Eyebrow Embroidery 1


To conclude the preparation stage, your artist will take pictures of your lips before and after the lip embroidery. See how your facial balance changes after Eralip! 

Lip Embroidery Session

Patch Test

Erabelle only uses safety-assured minerals and organic micro-pigments that are certified:

  • dermatologically safe
  • allergy-friendly
  • free from toxins
  • microbiologically safe

 A patch test for any allergy to the micro-pigments used will be conducted.


Preparation of Equipment​

Erabelle wants you to have a stress-free lip embroidery experience.


Before the procedure begins, numbing cream is applied to ensure a smooth and comfortable process. While the numbing takes effect, your artist will prepare the tools needed for the lip embroidery.


Erabelle believes in the utmost strictest hygiene standards. Thus, new needle tips and colour cups are used for each new client to prevent cross-contamination.

Preparation of Equipment


Micro-pigments are embedded to the topmost layer of the skin via the SOFT-SHADING TECHNIQUE with a German-made micropen which ensures PRECISE AND CONSISTENT RESULTS, creating a polished and sophisticated look.

Eralip Lip Embroidery

Healthy Looking Shade

The final colour looks as natural as a tinted lip balm, but your lip’s natural shape will be enhanced.


Enjoy your new lip colour and show off that bright smile!


Contact us or visit one of our branches today!

What Happens During the Eralip Design Consultation

This service is more than just applying lip liner.

It is a customization design process that involves an analysis of your lip undertone, natural skin tone, age and personal preferences before proceeding with creating a custom blend of pigments that suits you perfectly.

Your lips will be naturally and perfectly enhanced and defined with Erabelle’s award-winning design procedure that guarantees satisfaction.

All of our lip embroidery artists undergo rigorous training to understand the dynamics of how to enhance the harmony of facial features through our semi permanent makeup procedures.

Each look and colour is exclusively tailored to enhance your natural features. We believe that individuals have unique features, so the one-style-fits-all does not resonate with us.

As pioneers of this technique, we understand that oriental features are distinctly different from our western counterparts and have since perfected the art of designing lip colours that complement and enhance Asian skin tones.

Your lip artist will complete the design session by filling in your lips using several lip products to showcase the final colour.

This is a crucial step to ensure that the customer is happy with the proposed look before moving on to the lip blushing procedure. Here’s where the customer can give feedback before proceeding with the treatment.

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Eralip Lip Embroidery Package

Eralip Design

Eralip Design

For those who want a custom blended lip colour, quick and fuss-free.

Eralip Design $30 | Approx. 20min per session

Enhance your lips with a colour that truly suits you. According to your skin tone, age and preference, colours will be custom-blended to provide you with the most suitable shade of pink!



Enjoy a semi-permanent bespoke lip colour that lasts for up to 2 years


  • 4 sessions for $2,092.80

Duration: Approx. 90min per session


Surcharge of $261.60 for service by Erabelle Master Artists.

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Deep Pore Cleansing


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Accelerates Stratum Corneum Metabolism


Acnes & Bacillus Bacterium Removal


Anti-ageing, Skin Whitening & Improves Dull Skin


Provides Skin Nutrients & Shrinks Pores

Eralip Lip Embroidery Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)​

Lip embroidery, also known as lip blushing, is a semi-permanent makeup that embeds colour into the epidermis and top dermis layer of the skin to create the look of filled-in lips.

Here at Erabelle, we use Safety-Assured Mineral and Organic Micro-Pigments with new tips and colour cups at every session.

Eralip comes with 4 colour services. Our lip embroidery will generally last you for 2-3 years from the first day of colour service. After you have completed the course, you can choose to purchase refresher touch-up packages to restore the intensity of the colour.

There will be minimal swelling during the healing process. Any swelling will normally subside within 24 hours.

Our Award

Best Lip Embroidery Service

Best Lip Embroidery Service

ELLE - Beauty Treat List


Always picture perfect with flushed, full and rosy lips from Eralip!

Wake up with fuller, naturally rosy lips without worrying about smudged lipstick or constant lipstick reapplication!

Eralip Lip Embroidery, also known as lip blushing, is a semi-permanent makeup service designed to enhance the natural shape and colour of your lips, creating the illusion of fuller, more defined lips.

At Erabelle, our professional cosmetic artist employs a Soft Shading technique that uses repetitive dots to create natural and shaped lips.

Every lip colour will be customised based on lip undertone, natural skin tone, age and personal colour preference for a custom blend colour to suit each individual.

Our semi-permanent makeup for lip embroidery service is suitable for those with uneven lip colour, pale or dark lips, and those who do not have defined lip-shape.

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