Brow Wow Kit

Everything you need to create instantly beautiful eyebrows.


Set consists of:

  • Erabelle Long Lasting Brow Pencil (comes in Dark Brown/ Black/ Grey)

Bid sweet goodbye to messy, sparse or unsightly over-tweezed brows with this double-duty brow pencil. Comprising of an ultra-fine pencil and a velvety brush, it is suited to create beautiful eyebrows on-the-go. With its solid lead, the pencil glides on easily to deliver natural-looking brows while the high pigment content ensures a long lasting smudge-proof hold throughout the day. The spiral soft brush neatly blends and grooms the eyebrows into place for a soft yet subtly defined look. This fabulous investment comes in three colours, to suit any hair colour and skin tone.

Origin: Made in Korea
U.P.: $34.24 (inclusive of GST)

  • Erabelle Eyebrow Techno Tweezer by Rubis

The Techno Tweezer by Rubis, with its perfectly aligned slanted tip, is able to grab every hair every time with the smoothest, true precision. In this case, the special polymer tip provides added protection and reduces the discomfort of accidentally pricking the skin.
Each pair of Rubis tweezer is individually crafted and tested to guarantee Swiss top quality. Besides the tip, tweezers are made of resilient, antacid, stainless steel. The ideal span, high stability, resilience of material and ergonomically correct form account for its effectiveness and ease of handling.

Made of prime quality stainless steel with polymer tip.

Origin: Made in Switzerland
U.P.: $61 (inclusive of GST)

  • Erabelle Eyebrow Sharpener

Have makeup pencils maintained with the perfect point suitable for makeup application. Erabelle sharpener is crafted with a well-angled and sharp blade for easy sharpening of makeup pencils for easy application. Designed with a snap-on cap, the handy sharpener makes it easy for cleaning – just remove the cap and dispose the shavings!

Origin: Made in Korea
Size: 9g
U.P.: $10 (inclusive of GST)

  • Complimentary Erabrow Design

For a fuss-free grooming experience, leave your eyebrows to the brow experts. Erabelle’s Erabrow Design is no ordinary brow trimming. It is a customization design process that involves an analysis of your face shape and eyebrows, before proceeding with the tweezing, trimming and designing of brows suited to the individual’s face shape. The brows will be perfectly defined using Erabelle’s award-winning brow pencil that promises an au naturel effect through the day with its highly pigmented formula. The shade will be selected to complement the individual’s skin tone and hair colour.

Duration: 20mins
Price: $50

  • Erabelle Cosmetic Pouch

A double-zipper travel pouch that securely holds your favourite beauty essentials for convenience and easy storage. Divided into two pockets for easy accessibility, the compartments are ideal for organizing makeup, and the five-piece pencil / brush holder promises to protect the integrity of your set. To top it all off, the tastefully quilted tote provides waterproof protection for all its contents.

U.P.: $35 (inclusive of GST)


Black, Dark Brown, Grey

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