Leading Influencers Review Our Award Winning Eyebrow Embroidery Service


“The brow artistry experience has never been more relaxing as the professionals at Erabelle meticulously worked their Erabrowlogy magic – light years away from classic eyebrow embroidery – on me. It’s been amazing waking up to natural-looking brows.”

“Being a mother of two means it’s a challenge to look good within the minimal time I have for makeup. However, ever since I was introduced to the natural-looking, semi-permanent brow and eyeliner artistry of Erabelle, I look forever fresh and pleasant. I love the fact that the colour of my eyebrows do not fade to a telltale reddish tone unlike the eyebrow embroidery that I’ve experienced in the past.”

“When I wake up, I’m ready.

I know the brow work at Erabelle had been really well done after receiving so many compliments and requests for recommendations.”

Erabelle uses SAFETY-ASSURED MINERAL AND ORGANIC MICRO-PIGMENTS that are certified to be dermatological-safe, allergological-safe, microbiological-safe and toxicological-safe. A patch test for any allergy to the micro-pigments used will be conducted before the eyebrow embroidery. Numbing cream is applied to ensure a smooth and comfortable process.
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