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Genmai-Bijin Polisher Plus
Genmai-Bijin Polisher Plus
Genmai-Bijin Polisher Plus
| 90min
Achieve the legendary radiance and baby-smooth skin of classic Japanese beauties with this exclusive body beautiful treatment. Using Genmai (brown rice) as an exfoliant, warm milk for hydration, and a concentrated ampoule to boost moisture, the blend works to fend off wrinkles, heal blemishes, deep-cleanse pores and regulate oil secretion.

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Erabelle’s body treatment and massage spa gives an indulgent experience that leaves you with rich and nourished skin, while helping you achieve that desired silhouette.

Radiant and baby-smooth skin is now attainable with our Genmai-Bijin Polisher Plus. This full body scrub spa and massage utilizes a blend of Genmai (brown rice), warm milk, and a concentrated ampoule that effectively combats signs of ageing, heals blemishes and gives the pores a deep-cleanse.

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