Employing the Erabelle Cosmetic Artistry technique, our brow artists customise the perfect eyebrows to accentuate your features and face shape. Discover the ultimate in natural semi-permanent makeup, achieved through a specialised Soft Shading technique that layers mineral and organic micro-pigments.


The Process

Brow Prep Mask

To rid dead skin and excess sebum on your skin

Erabrow Design

Crafted to look natural and fitting to your unique features, our TAILORED BESPOKE DESIGN for eyebrow embroidery includes a face shape and eyebrow analysis, design, trim and tweeze, completed by pencilling of brows with colour to suit skin tone and hair colour. This stage is crucial in ensuring the perfect eyebrow shape is determined before embedding of pigments.


Taken pre- & post-treatment to monitor the results.

Patch Test

Erabelle uses SAFETY-ASSURED MINERAL AND ORGANIC MICRO-PIGMENTS that are certified to be dermatological-safe, allergological-safe, microbiological-safe and toxicological-safe.

A patch test for any allergy to the micro-pigments used will be conducted before the eyebrow embroidery.
Numbing cream is applied to ensure a smooth and comfortable process.

Preparation of Equipment

While numbing takes effect, new micropen tips and colour cups are prepared to observe UTMOST HYGIENE STANDARDS and prevent contamination during your eyebrow embroidery process.


Micro-pigments are embedded to the topmost layer of the skin via the SOFT-SHADING TECHNIQUE with a German made micropen which ensures PRECISE AND CONSISTENT RESULTS, creating a polished and sophisticated look.


Enjoy your completed eyebrow embroidery look for natural smudge-proof brows!

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