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Eyebrow Embroidery –  10 Things You Must Know Before Going For It

Eyebrow Embroidery has piqued the interest of many people in and outside of Singapore, simply because of what it promises—fuller, intricately hand-drawn brows that mimic real brow hairs.

So, what is eyebrow embroidery? It is an aesthetic treatment that embeds coloured pigment beneath the surface of the skin with tiny disposable needles to give eyebrows volume and thickness that closely resembles real brows, letting you wake up brow-ready with zero effort every day!

It’s a procedure that almost everyone can do to achieve their dream brows! Still thinking whether to take the plunge? Here’s 10 top questions you definitely want answers to!


1. Eyebrow Embroidery vs. Microblading: What’s the Difference?

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If you’re not familiar, the chic little world of Eyebrow Embroidery could get really confusing very fast, especially since it’s also confused with a lot of other related terms like “Microblading”, “6D Eyebrow Embroidery”, “Misty Eyebrow Embroidery” and “Micro shading”.

So, what are the differences between two of the most commonly confused terms: eyebrow embroidery vs. microblading? Let us clear this doubt once and for all!

Eyebrow Embroidery is a general term for all techniques that involves adding semi-permanent, coloured pigments into your brow area with fine-point needles. Microblading is one such technique within eyebrow embroidery. Microblading eyebrows deposit pigments under the skin stroke by stroke that closely resembles fine hair lines using pen-like, mini-disposable blades.

Want to know more about the types of brow embroideries available like microblading vs micro shading? Here’s a lowdown that breaks down the different brow embroidery trends for you.

2. How Do I Know Which Eyebrow Shape Fits Me?

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Eyebrow embroidery is semi-permanent— results from one package can stay for as long as 2 years! Thus, it is important to get an eyebrow shape that suits you.

The best eyebrow styles are relative to your face and eye shapes.

Looking at the 3 most common face shapes:

  • Oval face shape – will need to keep a soft but noticeable arch to help shape the face while keeping its soft edges.
  • Diamond face shape– would be with a sharp eyebrow arcs to highlight the cheekbones and balance out this longer face shape.
  • Long Face Shape – opt for a flatter eyebrow and less pronounced arches as it helps creates an illusion of a shorter forehead with an overall.

We’ve done the research so you wouldn’t have to; check out our guide for determining the perfect eyebrow shape for different shapes.

A professional eyebrow artisan would also be able to suggest the eyebrow shape that accentuates your facial features, through their professional expertise.

3. What Should I Do Before My Eyebrow Embroidery Session?

Eyebrow Embroidery

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An eyebrow embroidery procedure could take a few hours, and that’s in part due to the preparation that goes into it when you’re already at the salon.

One useful tip to get prepared would be to do some research for the eyebrow style that best fits your face beforehand. Will you prefer the sought-after Korean eyebrows, softer looking or high arched brows?

Communicate the design you have in mind with your brow specialist so you could see whether it resembles the shape and style that will be generated after they analyse your face.

In some cases, it’s also recommended that you avoid waxing, eyebrow threading and tweezing your brows at least 5 days prior to the brow embroidery date. Some salons even go as far as discourage intake of alcohol, caffeine, ibuprofen and fish oil supplements for at least 24 hours before your appointment.

The best way is to read up on the chosen beauty salon’s recommendations prior to the appointment, as it varies by salons. For our eyebrow embroidery, there are no restrictions before the appointment.

4. Is Eyebrow Embroidery Painful?


Most customers share that they did not feel any pain, and even if you feel something, it might feel more like an ant bite. You can request for a reapplication of numbing creams at the slight discomfort, but it will depend on each individual’s pain threshold. This is as numbing creams or ointments do effectively take off majority of the pain.

Before you ask, be assured that no, you don’t need to shave off your eyebrows for the treatment. In most cases, to get the perfect brows, the service would require a bit of eyebrow threading or trimming, which can also be painful for some—but it should be done a few weeks or days prior to the eyebrow embroidery date.

5. Can I Choose My Desired Eyebrow Colour?

eyebrow colour

While your “dream brows” can change depending on what your face shape analysis reveals, you do have a choice in choosing your eyebrow colour or pigment.

One way to find out which colour fits you best would be matching the colour to your hair.

  1. Black and Dark Brown hair
    A dark brown shade would be suitable for a natural look, or a colour 1-2 shades lighter than your natural hair colour; which will make it look more defined but not too overdone.
  2. Light Brown Hair
    For light brown hair, choose a colour that is slightly darker so that your eyebrows stand out. The colour should also be light enough to look natural while giving your brows some definition.
  3. Blonde Hair
    Taupe (a shade in-between brown and grey) would be an ideal colour for blondes. Preferably a mix of colour with a warm undertone so that the colour does not look grey.

If you do not have a preference to a brow colour, fret not, a professional eyebrow artist would be able to recommend you a colour suitable to your skin tone and the type of eyebrows you would be getting.

6. How Long Does a Session Take to Achieve Quality Embroidered Eyebrows?

Because of how intricate the detailing is, you can expect more than an hour for the process. We suggest reserving half a day for the whole process, to give sufficient time for the whole prep period, the actual pigmenting process and time for eyebrow embroidery aftercare discussion.

A typical eyebrow embroidery session will consist of some steps. Taking how we do Erabelle’s eyebrow embroidery as a reference, it will begin with a brow prep mask, design, patch test before the preparation for the actual brow embroidery, to ensure that the designed brows are exactly how you wanted them!

7. Are there After-Care Treatments I Should Know About?

eyebrow embroidery after care

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Some tips you should know on how to keep your eyebrow embroidery last the longest possible!

  • For the first day of eyebrow embroidery, always keep the area dry.
  • Avoid using any makeup or skincare product (e.g. brow gel) on your brow areas.
  • Do not pick, peel or scratch skin, let the pigmentation fall off naturally.
  • Minimise touching or contact with your eyebrows for two weeks following the brow embroidery.
  • Refrain from swimming, sauna and sun-tanning, strenuous exercise (sweat) and dusty environment.

Luckily, beside the aftercare of your eyebrow embroidery treatment, it is generally low maintenance. You could wake up to perfect brows and frequent revisits to the salon are not required (aside from those you set yourself)!

8. What Should I Consider When Selecting A Brow Embroidery Salon?

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As with any aesthetic procedure, there are a few risks you must take note of when thinking about going in for your first eyebrow embroidery session. Allergic reactions, while far & few in between, do happen and so do irritations. In some extreme cases, especially if you have sensitive skin or any skin issues, it’s suggested that you talk to your doctor first before going in for the treatment.

The good thing, however, is that it’s possible to avoid some of the risks—with the right eyebrow salon that practices natural, safe semi-permanent treatments and a consistent, hygienic aftercare routine. You also get a clearer idea on the latter point if you enlist the help of a salon that’s known not only for its artistry but also their top-of-the-line hygienic practices.

Take a look at the salon’s portfolio too, so you could gauge if their styles resonate with what you want to achieve. Reading salon reviews from reputable sources is also helpful. 

9. What Can I Expect After Doing Eyebrow Embroidery?

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It is normal for your eyebrows to look quite dark and the skin near your eyebrows may have some redness and swelling (depending on your skin type) right after the procedure. Some scabbing will be visible for the next couple of days. The pigment in your eyebrows will fade off as it heals.

Expect the prominence of the shade to fade over time (around 40-60%), and depending on your salon, you may choose to call in for a touch-up session.

The outcome of eyebrow embroidery will last for about 2 years. And in that time, you can say goodbye to eyebrow pencils and confidently carry your dream eyebrows! Wake up with perfect eyebrows and experience beauty in an instant that allows you to put your best face forward—anytime, anywhere, which is what we strive to provide for our customers.

10. And Finally, Is Eyebrow Embroidery Worth the Hype?

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Trying to decide what cosmetic & aesthetic treatments to go for could get pretty overwhelming, especially since the world isn’t short on options. There’s eyeliner embroidery, lip embroidery and many more that promise to enhance your features.

And as one of the most hyped-up treatments out there, you’d begin thinking: Is Eyebrow Embroidery even worth it?

Short answer: Definitely. When done by expert brow artisans from a reputable eyebrow salon that uses top-notch, sterile and dermatologically tested equipment, you can get the on-fleek eyebrows of your dreams (minus the unnaturally dark and dense look that marks traditional eyebrow tattoos).

But don’t just take our word for it, hear from people who have done it & if eyebrow embroidery was worth it for them.

If you are looking to start on your eyebrow embroidery journey, you can kick start by looking at our eyebrow embroidery, Erabrow, which utilizes micro shading techniques, for bespoke multi-dimensional, ombre effect brows suitable for sensitive skin. 

If you’re ready, embark on your journey for ever-ready perfect brows today!

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